Review Easter Recorder Course 2024

As a relative newcomer to residential courses, I had no idea how it would feel to play the recorder all day long for a week. In fact, it was great: due to the variety of material on offer, from Monteverdi through Mingus into the 21st century, led by experts with very different directing styles, the time passed incredibly quickly, and I personally didn’t find the timetable over-tiring.

The course was thoughtfully and carefully planned, the ensuite accommodation was comfortable, and there were nice, semi-rural walks in three or four directions, which you could fit in during the generous meal and coffee breaks. This helped refresh mind and body for the next session! There were opportunities to play any instrument you’d brought with you (standard SATB in my case), and there were plenty of big ones, plus a delightful gemshorn group.

The tutors on the ERC are a distinguished crowd, with tremendous experience of performing, conducting, arranging, teaching and composing which they bring to the course with good humour and generosity of spirit. I had heard of most of the team by name before signing up, and I felt privileged to discuss any aspect of music over meals with such knowledgeable people.

I would recommend this course to any reasonably confident and open-minded player looking for a decent degree of challenge in a very friendly, welcoming environment.

Stephanie Aldred