Review – Easter Recorder Course 2023

I had subscribed for my first ERC in 2020, but because of Covid I had to wait until 2023 until I could go. 
As my train arrived on Alfreton station at 20:01 I knew I was too late for the first meal and the first notices, but I arrived exactly in time to play the first note, not after I had been made welcome in front of the full group by Jan and Pam. 
And so it went on for the whole week: being made very welcome in a friendly atmosphere. The group consisted of about 60 people (all except four British) and 10 tutors. All sessions were open to everybody, no special grade required. There was a lot of choice, from Renaissance music up to 21th century music, and a tutti session every evening.
Some sessions one could do for a couple of days in a row, others were just once. Some were with only 5 people, others with 25. The room was good and so was the food. I especially enjoyed the cakes, gateaux and biscuits. 
Back in the Netherlands I have to get used to not playing anymore for 7 hours a day and to be on a diet without sweets. The first thing is by far the most difficult! 
I look forward to next year, a different venue but friendly people and a lot of playing. 
Thanks to Jan and Pam who have made this possible. 
Els Huijvenaar.